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Ein (verspäteter) Post zum International Kissing Day

Da ich den Text ursprünglich auf meiner Facebook Seite gepostet habe, ist er auf Englisch. Um den authentischen Moment beizubehalten, habe ich nicht übersetzt.

On Saturday 6th of July was International Kissing Day.

Beautiful. And what a good excuse to ask some of my friends if they wanna kiss and let me watch and take pictures. (Of course all consensual.)

Thank you for all these beautiful moments and pictures.

- O -

One of the most empowering things to my sexuality and romance was to see the diversity of love and touch. All gender combinations, couples and triads with different cultural background, age etc. 

This really touches me. It allows me to celebrate love in its many shapes.

Thank you to all the people who have taken many steps, sometimes hard steps, to where we are now. To where we can live and love as freely as never possible before! 


And (!) this does not mean that we can stay still. There is still a lot of discriminating behaviour, speech and laws within our society against forms of love and sexuality that are not heterosexual and monogamous (or other normative expectations).

- O -

Sometimes people ask me, why I share about my sexuality and polyamorous life.

Why talk about it?

I am now in a position, where I am not afraid of who I am, who I love or who I fuck. (Of course, these things can also be scary, but that is not what I mean.)

I grew up in a quite conservative area, I knew to be bisexual (now I would say pansexual) was okay. . . but I also knew that many other people don’t think that. (Including parts of the gay community). I felt lost. I wasn’t gay enough for the LGBT Community and not straight enough for Heteroland.

And when I started to think about non-monogamy, well. . . it was harder. I really thought it could work. It made so much sense in my head. But people, media and the repetitive romantic narrative tried to convince me of the opposite. And I still notice how I sometimes doubt the validity of my relationships because they don’t fit into the conventional box of romance.

But I am also glad about all the support, openness and appreciation I get for talking about it 

- O -

Looking at all these beautiful people kissing - miaaau. 

You don't have to be in a romantic relationship for touch or kisses. Not every touch needs to be sexual. Cuddling and also kissing (if you like) can be parts of many other forms of connections as well. Not all forms of romance need to include sexuality. They are so many ways of relationship. 

And you are allowed to explore the playground of love and touch in your own pace 


And the best thing:

Every Day is Kissing Day

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Alle Bilder © Cusilife

Das gilt bei allen Bildern (und sonstigem Content) auf dem Blog. Aber hier wollte ich es nochmal besonders deutlich machen. Diese Bilder sind copyright rechtlich geschützt. Don't use them! 

PS: Als ich für das Beitragsbild bei Unsplash nach "kiss" gesucht habe, gab es bei den ersten 100 Bildern genau EIN Bild, bei dem sich zwei Frauen küssen und sonst nur Fotos, in dem sich eine Frau und ein Mann küssen. Und es ist ja auch wunderschön , wenn sich eine Frau und ein Mann küssen, aber es ist umso schöner, wenn man sieht dass es eben auch Frauen gibt, sie sich küssen und Männer, die sich küssen und Menschen, die sich nicht in eine derbeiden Kategorien zuordnen und suprise, die küssen sich auch 😛 

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2 Antworten

  1. Julika

    Toller Beitrag. Danke dir! (Hab mir den 6. Juli jetzt auch in meinen Kalender eingetragen.)

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