A project by  Erin Jeavons-Fellows & Cosima Siegling

This is a project by  
Erin Jeavons-Fellows & Cosima Siegling

Polyamory Badges

A gift to the joy and challenges of living ethical non-monogamous

Order your set of 24 metal badges & stickers

Polyamory Badges

A gift to the joy and challenges of living ethically non-monogamous

Order your set of 24 buttons & stickers

Limited edition

"When I was a teenager,
I got sweaty hands and sparkles in my eyes when thinking about being with multiple people. Loving more than one person.  
I had a feeling this might be something that could work – for me." 
- Cosima - 

Each journey of living and loving non-monogamously is different, with its own challenges and magical sides. There are many things to learn - and many to unlearn. And while all journeys are unique, there are many similar stories and experiences which are shared amongst non-monogamous people. Exploring what love, romance and sex can mean on a diverse spectrum is truly an adventure. 

What are these Polyamory Badges about? 

We, this is Erin and Cosima, are metamours and friends. During the lockdown in early 2020 in Berlin, we talked with each other about our journey with being non-monogamous and what being a metamour has brought to our lives.

Despite being at different points in our journey and having had different experiences, there were shared challenges and perks of being with more than one person. At the time, we really wished for a symbol - a badge - to give to each other. 

We created these badges to celebrate and mourn those moments that you see in yourself and others while on your non-monogamy journeys. 

Gift them to yourself, partners, lovers, friends, metamours,... to celebrate, to give a symbol of support, to say  “I see you”, for pure fun and playfulness.

Poly Scout Badges

We made a set of 24 badges, each with its own unique design and a description.


Calendar Ninja

Who will finally develop an app for scheduling poly dating? Until then, get your calendar and schedule the shit out of it. Some people are just damn good at managing their available time for their lovers and partners. A well deserved calendar ninja badge! 

Self Love

How do you nourish yourself? Relationships, feelings, communication can take its toll sometimes, and our batteries run low. It’s time for self-love and self-care. Pat yourself on the back for what you already managed to do. Take some time for the most important relationship - the one with yourself. 

I did a thing!

There are many small wins along the way that go unnoticed to others but are worth recognising within yourself.  When discovering and learning something new like being in multiple relationships, you can find yourself stretching your boundaries. Your first time at a poly meetup, asking that long-time crush on a date, your first time making a vulnerable request. Celebrate the little wins in yourself!

Great Metamour

Metamour - the partner of your partner.
The people that you welcome into your life not by choice, but because your loved one loves them. Have you told your metamour lately that they rock (if they do)? Especially for someone newly discovering polyamory, it can be quite magical to discover metamour friendships. What does a great metamour mean to you?
Maybe you enjoy deep bonding and metamour friendships or maybe the best metamour for you is the one that never contacts you. It is truly up to you to discover what kind of metamour relationship feels good to you. 

Preview booklet with all badges & descriptions

You can pre-order your set of 24 Polyamory Badges now.

One set contains: 
24 different buttons, size 57mm
2 sheets of 24 different stickers 
A booklet with descriptions for all the badges 

Polyamory_highcompersion_example badge
Polyamory Badges_Booklet

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You can expect the badges to arrive in the third week of December. 

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