A project by  Erin Jeavons-Fellows & Cosima Siegling

This is a project by  
Erin Jeavons-Fellows & Cosima Siegling

Polyamory Badges

A gift to the joy and challenges of living ethical non-monogamous

Order your set of 24 metal badges & stickers

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One full set costs 30€ including shipping within the EU.
If you are ordering from outside of the EU, please add 8€ for international shipping costs. 

Stickers only cost 8€ including shipping within Germany. 
Stickers only, shipping EU: 13€
Stickers only, shipping International: 16€

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Each of the ordered sets contain:
24 different badges, size 57mm
2 sheets of 24 different stickers 
A booklet with descriptions for all the badges 

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Erin (she/her) is a Design Lead from Australia. 5 years ago, she moved to Berlin. For the last 2 years, she has began a new journey to explore different sides of herself, expanding into whole new fields of love&intimicay. She loves creating illustrations and graphics for events and has a variety of side-projects on the go. Erin is currently writing a book, sharing the transitions she has experienced unravelling the monogamous narrative in her life.

Cosima (she/her) loves to create and hold spaces in which people can go on deep journeys, play and have fun. For the last 4 years she is spreading the word of radical self-love, gratitude and sex-positivity on her blog Cusilife to rebel against the ideals of beauty, body image, love and life choices. She is based in Berlin, where she is involved in the sex-positive and poly scene. She has a secret life as a university student of philosophy and writes poetry. 

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